SpeakAP accent learning app

Speak Analyze Prounciation

Learn American English Pronunciation and Accent.

This application is for everyone who wants to improve or learn American English pronunciation.

Use automated scoring and analysis to compare your accent, articulation and pronunciation to the reference speech.

Students, teachers, Speech Language Pathologists and linguists can use the detailed signal processing for educational purposes.

SpeakAP is grounded in research supported by the National Science Foundation and developed in conjunction with linguists and speech research scientists.

Download for iOS and Android

Listen and Record

Listen to the word, look at the syllable break-down, record your pronunciation and play your recording.

Complete three courses with over 5,600 NEW WORDS in 29 specialized word-lists, and over 2,200 NEW IDIOMS in 12 specialized Idiom-lists.

Use the listen-record-play feature to practice learning the correct pronunciation.

Quickfire practice

Rapid practice of all the words and idioms at one easy to find location.

Easy search through all the content available in the app.


Press Record button, to compare your pronunciation performance with respect to the reference utterance.

Novel BioFeedback algorithms process your speech to provide a similarity score and visual analysis for each of the THREE primary components of spoken American English (Speaking rate, Stress and Pitch).

Analyze Speaking rate

An acoustic plot of the reference audio side-by-side with your recording provides an easy way to visualize the word and differences.

The visual cue allows you to compare your speaking rate and match the reference audio during your next attempt.

Analyze Stress

Visually compare the stress as measured by the energy in different parts of your speech segment to that of reference.

This prosodic feature is important in making your pronunciation more similar to American English. A closer match indicates improvement.

Analyze Pitch

Study differences in pitch changes with time with an easy comparison to the reference utterance allows you to see subtle differences that are important to accent.

SpeakAP uses the most accurate pitch measurement available in the market.

Note: The absolute pitch value will be different for male and female users but the important information for pronunciation is in the relative change in pitch with time.

Similarity score

Provides scores summarizing the comparison of the three primary components of spoken American English with respect to the reference pronunciation. Higher scores indicate more similar pronunciation characteristics.

Speaking rate- Speed in which sounds are spoken (articulated.) Energy- Stress and intonation produced from particular vocal dynamics. Pitch- Study differences in pitch changes with time.

Learn Idioms

Course with 6 unique idiom lists with over 1,200 unique idioms.


With reference pronunciation, description and usage for fast and effective learning.


Master the American English pronunciation with new words and idioms, and track your progress easily.

Collect medals as you become more American!

Trophy wall

Collect medals and share your achievements and medals on Facebook.


Set daily reminders for practice.