SLPMx Stuttering app

MyLynel white-paper

White paper describing the research background and evidence behind MYLYNEL towards Stuttering treatment. more details

User trial white-paper

White-paper describing results of the user-trial that was conducted during the National Science Foundation (NSF) study. more details

User guide for Bluetooth Headset

We recommend using the JAWBONE Bluetooth headsets with MyLynel. more details

Clinical therapy in the clinic

Application for SLPs.

This application is for every SLP who treats clients with stuttering dysfluency.

Quick evaluation of dysfluency level for potential clients. Record up-to 10 minutes for offline analysis.

Manage therapy sessions for any number of clients. Track improvement scores and email for archiving.

Download for iOS and Android

Quick evaluation of Stuttering disfluency

Quick evaluation of clients and capability to review and email results.

Analyze the count and mark locations

Enter clients name and start the assessment also recording the clients audio.

Listen to the recording.

Count disfluencies by tapping on the respective buttons.

Disfluency locations get marked for visual indication.

Track disfluencies of Syllable repetitions, Sound repetitions, Prolongations and Hesitations/Blocks/Stop-gaps.

Analyze voicing and speaking rate

Automatically analyze the Syllables/min and %Phonation from your recorded speech.

Answer a subjective questionnaire

Track secondary behaviors that occur by answering a questionnaire following the recording.

Review results and email

Review the assessment score, enter notes and email the results.

Manage clients

Manage any number of clients with unlimited sessions per client. Delete old sessions and start new ones.

Practice techniques

Practice stuttering therapy techniques of Easy onsets, Speaking rate, Voicing.

Techniques of Pullouts, Cancellations, Chunking, Stretching, Preparatory sets, Stretched syllables and Even rate.

Buy sessions

Buy additional sessions as required.

Therapy help

Help pages for all the therapy techniques.

Learn how to practice different techniques.

Conversation packs

Practice with different conversation packs.


Practice with words, sentences or open speech situations.

Signal processing

Practice the technique and get an automated score. Visual feedback allows one to hit the therapy target easily during practice.