The King and You- Building Your Personal SLP apps

The kings speech broadcast to the British Empire on September 3rd, 1939. The king overcame his stutter and: 1) No assistive device was used, 2) Therapy techniques were applied, 3) Real-time feedback from the SLP (Lionel) was available.


Welcome to FluentSounds take along clinical therapy!

National Science Foundation sponsored

Stuttering technology to monitor speech techniques
learned in stuttering therapy. The user trial showed improvement in fluency and reduction in secondary behaviors. Research was sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

National library of medicine sponsored

Articulation technology is backed by years of signal processing research and jointly developed with Speech Language Therapists, Linguists and Speech processing scientists. Sponsored by the National library of medicine.

Department of Education sponsored

Communication disorder technology for clinical therapy outside of a clinic with management by a SLP is sponsored by the Department of Education.

This app is excellent it reminds you of Rosetta Stone. Looking forward to more lessons.
Valerie W,
Awesome app. I was initially apprehensive to buy it, but was positively surprised once I started using it. The app does a great job at analyzing the pronunciation and soon enough you start realizing the pattern where you generally go wrong. Looking forward for the next release with more words.
Very helpful app. Provides detailed analysis of the right pronunciations. Graphic representation of word make up enables users to understand exact mistakes in their pronunciation. Quite user friendly!
An useful pronunciation learning tool, with plots that show your audio waveform, variation in pitch, intensity.
This is the kind of app I would recommend to all my ESL teachers friends, because I want the type of feedback it offers.
This app is the best ever. It is been very helpful to improve my pronunciation. Comparing my pronunciation with a native is really a breakthrough. I would like to be able to customize it with words that I have difficulties. In summary, this is a great app with a bright future.
That is a mold breaker. Great thinking.

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  • Apps

MyLynel Stuttering app

Your personal app to help in real-world conditions and through exercises in fluency shaping.

SLPMxStuttering app for SLPs

Application of Novel Speech Technology to Stuttering Therapy! For SLPs to manage their clients and for quick assessment.

MyArtic app for Articulation disorders

Specially designed for kids of all ages to assist with articulation. Audio-Visual feedback and interactive exercises and automated scoring.

SpeakAP for Pronunciation and Accent

Ideal application for learning all the aspects of American English pronunciation. Automated scoring for accent, articulation and pronunciation with reference speech!


Apps for Mobile phones

Technology has been optimized to run on mobile phones enabling delivery of therapy outside of the clinic.

Research backed solution!

Technology developed through years of speech processing research and effort of Speech Language Therapists, Linguists and Research scientists. Proven performance by IRB user trials.

Cloud support

MyLynel technology is available from anywhere and will support secure cloud storage and computing.